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Erb's Palsy (also called brachial plexus palsy) caused by shoulder dystocia occurs in about 1 or 2 babies out of every 1,000 at birth. The symptoms of Erb's Palsy can include a limp or paralyzed arm and/or lack of muscle control in the arm or hand. Many doctors believe Erb's Palsy should never occur. It is for that reason you should contact us if you have a child diagnosed with Erb's Palsy.

Erb's Palsy results from damage to the brachial plexus nerves. These are a series of nerves that travel from the spinal cord into the arm. The birth injury occurs when the delivering physician exerts excessive force on the baby's head and neck during a vaginal birth. Although an Erb's Palsy) injury can occur at any time, most injuries happen during birth. The resulting damage leaves the child with little or no movement in the arm, hand or fingers. Additionally, strength and size of the arm may be affected. This can have devastating consequences throughout the child's life. Many babies with Erb's Palsy injuries are larger than average at birth. However, newborns of all sizes, including premature babies, can have these injuries.

Children are born with birth complications every day. But it's possible that some of those birth complications, like Erb's Palsy , could have been prevented. You deserve to know if your child's disability is due to negligence.

Erb's Palsy medical error cases are usually involve one or more of the following issues:

Failure to estimate the baby's weight before delivery
Failure to perform a cesarean section
Failure to diagnose and treat gestational diabetes
Failure to inform parents of the risks inherent in vaginally delivering a large infant.
Failure to perform appropriate delivery techniques to manage shoulder dystocia
Applying unnecessary and excessive force during the delivery
Applying inappropriate delivery techniques to manage shoulder dystocia

There are many physicians who believe nearly all birth related Erb's Palsy is the result of medical error. You owe it to your child to investigate the settlement options that may provide needed financial aid for treatment and future lifetime medical expenses.

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