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Cerebral palsy can be caused by injury to the brain before, during, or after birth. Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect brain function, movement and bodily control.

The doctors caring for the pregnant mother and the unborn baby are responsible for adequate care during the pregnancy, labor, delivery, and immediately after the birth of the infant. Failing to take adequate care can result in the doctors and nurses being held accountable for problems related to the pregnancy. These problems can include:

Failure to respond to the changing condition and position of the unborn baby during labor

Failure to treat conditions in the mother during pregnancy

Failure to take tests during pregnancy; or not interpreting these tests properly

Failure to deliver via caesarean section if there is a problem during the birth

Over use of vacuum extraction.

Additionally a lack of oxygen to the brain or head trauma during labor and delivery can cause cerebral palsy. There are many factors that suggest the injury occurred as a result of improper medical care, or insult to the brain during the birthing process:

Medical malpractice can result in a child being born with cerebral palsy if the physician

Failed to do a C-Section or delayed performing a C-Section

Failed to notice that the baby was having problems during labor

The doctor didn't read the fetal monitor strip properly

The doctor delayed even though:

a.The water broke
b.Bleeding was present
c.Labor took too long
d.Blood pressure was too high

If one of these factors was involved, it is possible the CP could have been caused by Medical negligence or doctor error. You owe it to your child to pursue all remedies to help pay for treatment and future lifetime expenses. You may be entitled to a large settlement to help care for your child. Contact us today at no cost or obligation.

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